Fairy Times


A while ago, me and my daughter came up with the idea to make two fairy dolls. My daughter was really motivated to make one for herself.



The special thing about these dolls is a body made of vintage linen instead of the typical tricot fabric I normally use (except for arms and head).



While I made my fairy doll within a couple of days, my daughter took her time. I helped her with cutting the fabric, but she did all the sewing, stuffing, embroidering and all the hair herself.  Haste makes waste. It nearly took her 5 months to finish it... In the end it turned out to be a beautiful boy doll not a fairy doll like mine. And she finally made the doll with her friend Malu in mind she wanted to make a special gift for. Here, I show you two pictures:



I knitted the scarf and made the jumper, but the trousers were sewn by my daughter...



My Fairy Bee is wearing a warm shawl, too, and tiny wrist  and leg warmers. Perfect for freezy days and nights.