Taking pictures of dolls can sometimes be a difficult task. I tried to take a picture of Luzi who is sharing a room with my daughter. She didn't really want to have her photo taken and hid behind the lavender. But finally I was lucky!

Luzi has been the sixth (or even seventh, I'm not sure right now) doll for my 8-year-old daughter. Nevertheless,  she sometimes asks me for even more dolls. I have always been thinking (just intuitively) that a child should have a maximum of three dolls so that I'm struggling with myself whether I should refuse or not. I have often wondered why my daughter would love to have more and more dolls made by me. The weird thing is, she rarely plays with them! I'm not kidding. Really! I'm a dollmaker and my daughter doesn't even play with her dolls. Maybe you think, I should have concealed this fact from you. Why, no. I'm convinced such a handmade doll is more than just a toy... My daughter explained a couple of weeks ago that it was not about to play with them. She just wanted them to be present in her room. Someone to cuddle. Someone like Luzi.


Have a good day,