Review: Laib Yala vs. Lebenskleidung

I've been using Laib Yala's doll tricot for my dolls for quite a while, but I have recently become aware of a new organic cotton interlock by Lebenskleidung. Lebenskleidung produces fabrics according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) that aims at producing fibres after ecological and social criteria. Reasons enough for me to test this brandnew doll fabric. Lebenkleidung offers two types of doll fabrics: a lightweight "Jersey" and a heavyweight "Interlock Jersey". For my review, I used the heavyweight "Interlock Jersey" as the lightweight quality doesn't seem to be suitable for my type of dolls. [Update April 2015: The fabric that I used for my review is out of stock.]

There are actually two different knits of Laib Yala available: a soft lightweight cotton interlock (both front and back being a rib knit structure) and a heavyweight, sturdy fabric knitted across the front and purling back. As Lebenskleidung offers an Interlock, you might expect me comparing interlock by interlock, but no. As I always use the heavyweight Laib Yala, I decided to use it for the comparison as well, also because I was interested whether the new tricot can be a true alternative. In addition, the weight of both fabrics is nearly the same. These are my results (click on the pictures to enlarge):

The result: one red-headed girl made from the Laib Yala fabric (on the left) and one red-headed girl made from Lebenskleidung (on the right).
The result: one red-headed girl made from the Laib Yala fabric (on the left) and one red-headed girl made from Lebenskleidung (on the right).

Laib Yala



100% cotton (according to Wollknoll, their 4 skin tones that they offer are EN71-3 compliant)

100% organic cotton (GOTS-certified, EN71-3 compliant)



It's a single jersey knit fabric (flat side and wrong side) with a sturdy texture and less stretch (it's probably mercerized, but I don't know).

It's a sturdy interlock but softer than Laib Yala.


Weight per square metre

245 g

270 g



Laib Yala currently offers 11 colours. I used fabric number 7242/211.

Lebenskleidung offers 2 colours. I used the darkest available skin tone, which is a bit lighter than the colour of the Laib Yala fabric that I used. More colours may be realised via their collective orders.



No serious pilling observed. From my experience, it hardly pills when played with. It's a tiny bit fuzzy though.

No serious pilling occured. But I always try to handle my dolls very gentle while making them. Long-term experiences are needed.



Although I used a pattern for a 35 cm doll, it is sometimes unpredictable how it turns out in the end. This doll is 34 cm tall and her torso is a slightly bit slimmer than the Lebenskleidung doll.

Using the same pattern, the doll is only 32 cm tall. Arms and legs are very similar to the Laib Yala doll, only a little bit shorter. I don't think that I have to make any adjustments of my patterns (maybe only minor changes of my torso pattern) because proportions still look very lovely.



Many cloth dolls have the charme of looking like very much loved dolls after a while. However, the Laib Yala fabric seems to be very durable.


I'll update my blog post as soon as I get some feedback from the little testers.



Laib Yala

Wollknoll (not all colours available)

Kamrin's Poppenatelier (all colours available)

Little Oke Dolls (not all colours available)

Lebenskleidung (you will need a trade certificate or a student identity card to get access to the shop)

Of course, I'll have to make more dolls than just one to have a representative picture, but the new Lebenskleidung fabric is worth a try! In the end, it really depends on the dollmaker's patterns and what types of fabrics they prefer. And not to forget: My dollmaker colleague Natalie from Woolhalla compared Laib Yala and De Witte Engel. You can read about it here.

PS.: Liebe deutschsprachige Leser, aus Gründen der Übersichtlichkeit habe ich mich entschieden, den Blog-Artikel nur in Englisch zu verfassen. Falls Ihr Fragen habt, dann schreibt mir einfach eine Email.

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    Natalie (Mittwoch, 17 April 2013 22:45)

    Thank you for the comparison! I love the both dolls, they are so adorable and it's interesting to see how each fabric is with them. I'll be keeping my eyes open for your update on the Lebenskleidung doll :o)