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    Marion (Mittwoch, 11 März 2015 20:00)

    Die "kleine" Emma Lee ist bei uns eingezogen und sie fasziniert mich jeden Tag. Vielen Dank liebe Anita!

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    Amna Warner (Sonntag, 19 Oktober 2014 22:23)

    This doll is one of the best made dolls I have ever received. I have wanted a Lilla Kirrivi dolls for a while now and I am so grateful that Anita was very patient and let me purchase my doll when I had the funds. Yanis, my boy doll, is masterfully stitched and stuffed and he exudes personality and kindness. Anita did a magnificent job with creating a long haired boy, to which I asked for. His clothes are so meticulously seamed with such lovely material. I am very lucky to have such a divinely beautiful doll.

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    Mary (Samstag, 02 August 2014 09:35)

    Anita, thank you for my beautiful Kyara. She is sheer perfection. You were wonderful to work with. I am so happy I asked for your creative freedom with her, she is better than I could have ever imagined. My husband really likes her too!! :)

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    Lisa Phillippe (Donnerstag, 03 April 2014)


    I cannot believe how well you captured the essence of the doll I imagined in my head. All I did was tell you a little bit about myself and you captured the 'tomboy' vision I spoke about. Marjanna is beautiful and we will treasure her!

    Thank you,


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    Janice (Donnerstag, 30 Januar 2014 08:45)

    Anita, I cannot thank you enough for Paloma Pascaline. She is a truly wonderful doll and will long be a loved member of our family. You are such a wonderful, easy person to deal with, and your dolls have that same special quality about them.

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    Suzanne Robinson (Dienstag, 28 Januar 2014 22:26)

    What a beautiful doll Kirsikka is! Thank you so much, she has become one of my daughters treasured friends! Absolutely well made, attention to detail is amazing and everything about her is perfect, we love her clothing and shoes!

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    Lisa Watson (Samstag, 23 November 2013 20:47)

    Thank you so much Anita for allowing Arelia to come to Texas to live!! She is a beautiful doll and will be well loved and taken care of by myself and a couple of sweet granddaughters!!

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    Helena&Aaron&Adrian&Sarah (Mittwoch, 13 November 2013 16:57)

    Liebe Anita,
    jeden Tag erfreuen wir uns an Jonna! Sie sitzt bei uns auf dem Sofa und schaut uns bei unseren täglichen Tun zu. Wenn Aaron auf dem Sofa unterwegs ist, besucht er seine neue Freundin immer. Er hat sie schon richtig in sein Herz geschlossen! :-) Sie ist ein ein kleines Mitglied unserer Familie geworden!
    Und immer wieder aufs Neue bestaunen wir diese wirklich schöne Puppe und bewundern die liebevolle Verarbeitung und die süßen Details!
    Auch bei unseren Gästen erweckt Jonna regelmäßig Bewunderung! Vielen Dank für diese süße kleine Mitbewohnerin!

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    Kasia (Samstag, 09 November 2013 23:25)

    I absolutely love Bibi and Tiia and I am so happy that I could invite them to my home!! They are perfect in every way!! Thank you so much for creating such a treasures!!

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    Kinda (Samstag, 09 November 2013 03:29)

    Elian is a beautiful doll! Anita, your dolls have such a special quality to them, and we are so pleased to have one here.

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    Karyn G. (Freitag, 08 November 2013 02:06)

    I adore our Lilla Kirrivi doll. She is beautifully made and I especially love her delicate features and sweet clothing. I highly recommend this doll maker.

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    Lana (Freitag, 08 November 2013 01:55)

    Hello Anita. I would very much like to thank you for the love and beautiful craftsmanship you put into Klara. She is well loved and brings our family much joy. All the best! Lana